Fundraising for NGOs/NGO Support

Through the NGO Support Program, ICA Nepal is supporting a number of local NGOs working in the field of educational development, helping differently abled people, orphanages, children, women and old age people. The ICA NGO Network was established with the aim of reaching the wider community and addressing a myriad of needs and problems,. At present, there are 25 organizations affiliated with the ICA Network. They are established and registered as autonomous organizations, however, many of them do not have regular funding sources.

The ICA NGO Network is seen as an introduction towards an improved society with better living conditions for all. It is a desire, an attempt to step up a campaign with a movement to create an opportunity for human development in a real setting.

The ICA Network helps, enables, facilitates and empowers the local NGOs and community organizations for the development of the community as a whole. It has been established with an effort by ICA Nepal to work for community development and empowerment. The ICA Network has been working in various fields such as educational development, providing support to senior citizens and orphans etc. We are also working with differently able people, blind, physically handicapped, women and children.

The purpose of the ICA Network is to build the capacity and skill of these organizations in order to empower them to reach the wider community. Through providing support to these originations, ICA Network aims to create an equal and just society, free of all the discrimination and prejudice against the differently-abled people.

Now ICA Nepal has collaborated with IIQA and launched ‘Fundraising for NGO’ whose objective is to make sustainable fundraising portal for Asia pacific region.

To know pleas visit Fundraising for NGO’s website: