List of Publications 

ICA Nepal is active in the field of human development, particularly through training, facilitation and community empowerment. It has also published a number of manuals, books and reports. Major publications are as follows:

  1. Proposal Writing and Fundraising
  2. ToT  and Facilitation
  3. Social Style
  4. Financial Serves Association
  5. Winning through Participation
  6. Participatory Rural Appraisal
  7. Group Mobilization and Dynamics
  8. Civil Society in Nepal
  9. Manual on Training of Trainers
  10. Bio-Diversity
  11. Manual on Leadership and Management
  12. Changing Lives Changing Societies
  13. Winning through Participation- 2
  14. Compassionate Civilization Nepali Version

These books and manuals are available in the near book stores or you can directly contact to ICA Nepal office.