Social Artistry Initiative

Social Artistry Leadership Development:  One huge step towards human development with the aim to expand social artistry philosophies, tools and techniques. ICA Nepal is continuously working on working on Social Artistry Leadership Development addressing diverse sectors of the community.

More than 1000 have participated in the Social Artistry Program and more than 5000 have been exposed through a briefing session or Social Artistry (SA) modules incorporated into other training programs. Key Nepali trainers of Social Artistry are Dr. Tatwa P. Timsina,  Mr. Atma Ram Timsina, Mr. Amba Datta Bhatta, Mr. Chandi Chapagain, Ms. Yog Maya Kadel, Ms. Akim Shrestha, Ms. Pramila K.C,  and Mr. Rupendra Maharjan.

Social Artistry Initiative started in 2005 in Nepal through Jean Houston Foundation holds as much significance today as it was before a decade. Social Artistry is all about realizing our inner capacities and specialties to strengthen ourselves as a community person. it was highly significant in earlier days when people needed the motivation to realize what’s their inner capacity is, and today in this rapid globalization age, people are being exposed to more opportunities as well as equally more challenges.  There is ever-growing individualism whereas society is prone to grow depression. Thus, social artistry makes people optimistic and helps them realize their true inner potential which helps them to create a better world. It helps people to realize their goals and aim and enhance their determination towards community development. Social Artistry also develops creativity among people which has become more important in present days.

Spark Project: Now, In 2021 certificate course on ‘Social Artistry Leadership for Youths’ has been initiated in the memory of late Richard Sims. This program help youth know the true power of their imagination. It ignites a spark within that might turn into a beautiful warm fire in the future. This program encourages people to take initiatives for the community and society they live in. It help people connect to the society.

The activities done in this project makes the souls of the participants connect to the soul of their own community.